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 Break free from the chains of yo-yo diets, fads and products that don't work!  Get ready to have more energy and feel confident in your body!  I can help you achieve results and keep them with an effective plan that fits into your lifestyle!

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A little about me

Hi! I'm Stacey!  I have a degree in exercise science along with certifications in both Nutrition and Personal Training through the American Council on Exercise.  My passion is to help women build confidence and strength from the inside out.

I understand that it can be confusing to know what to do when there is so much misinformation about exercise and nutrition out there. My goal is to meet you where you are and help you discover what has held you back in the past so we can create a successful plan that will keep you moving forward. 


I believe that  total health is a balance of mind, body and spirit. I not only give my clients the knowledge and tools to build a strong body, I also help them build self awareness and self compassion. Mindset is often overlooked in coaching programs but it is a crucial piece of the puzzle for long term success.


My 12- week one on one coaching  programs are designed based on  individual needs, whether you want to work out at home or in a gym. I will create an effective plan that will fit into your lifestyle, feel easy to follow and still allow you to enjoy life so you can stick to it this time! No starvation diets here! What are you waiting for?


Changes starts from within. Let's begin implementing vital lifestyle habits to start feeling amazing on the inside and looking great on the outside. Step-by-step we will grow the best version of YOU!



Have you tried multiple times to lose  weight and develop a more active lifestyle only to fall back into old habits? You are not alone! I have helped hundreds of women just like you change their life. My goal is not only to give you the strategy and support that you need, but to equip you with the mindset, knowledge and tools that will allow you to keep your results forever!

My hope is that this is the last program that you will ever need.



Twelve weeks ago I started on a journey to transform my whole self, my body & mind. Stacey has helped me conquer things I thought I'd never do. I can now do 30+ full body extended push-ups. I can do bench presses, squats with weights, and so many other things I never dreamed I'd be able to do.



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